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Dog/Handler Code of Conduct

Rad Dogs Mud Run is about you and your dog having a good time, and allowing others to do so as well. To make sure all participants – humans and dogs have the time of their lives, please read and follow the code of conduct below:

  • All dogs must have identification tags that match the pre-registered dog. This event is for dogs and their parents only. Please do not bring other pets.

  • All dogs who attend the event must be up-to-date on all shots and vaccinations. Please don’t bring a dog who’s in heat, in poor health, or is aggressive/reactive. This event is not open to dogs under the age of 6-months-old. You assume all liabilities for the actions of you and your dog while at the venue.

  • Dogs must remain leashed at all times on a leash no longer than 6ft. No retractable leashes allowed. Very long leashes may tangle and/or trip other participants. At Rad Dogs we believe that dogs should be able to run free, however, for safety reasons at an event like this, we need humans and dogs to stay attached to each other at all times.

  • No pronged collars or electric collars or choke collars allowed at the event.
  • All positive reinforcement, no punitive/punishment based reinforcement (make sure your dog has a great time, and you will, too.)
  • Please do not force or drag your pup onto any obstacles, if your dog refuses to do an obstacle please go around.

  • Pick up your pup’s poop. Do not allow your pup to pee or poop in the mud. It’s really gross. Use the potty stations along the way!

  • No dogs will be allowed to sit in cars during the event. If we do see a distressed dog in a car, please note that we may call animal control/emergency service, and rescue the poor baby. (Yes, this is legal: AB 797.)

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