The Rad Dogs Mud Run is a 5K for people and dogs – together. There’ll be mud, there’ll be obstacles, and there’ll be much fun!

Bates Nut Farm: 15954 Woods Valley Rd, Valley Center, CA 92082

Date: Feb 8, 2020

Time: First wave is at 9AM, last wave is at 2:45PM. Waves are every 15 minutes.

Please arrive an hour prior to your wave, so you can park, get oriented, and pick up your bib and swag bag.

  • You and your dog MUST pre-register in order to participate. No walk-ons allowed.
  • All adult human participants must bring photo ID, and your dog must be wearing identification and license tags.
  • All dogs that participate must be at least 6 months of age, and up-to-date on all vaccinations to be eligible.
  • Participants, age 17 and under, must be accompanied by paying a parent or guardian who has a valid ID, and must be checked in at the same time.
  • Children must be at least 9-years-old on the date of the event to participate, and must be registered and accompanied by a registered adult who is 18 or older. Children between the ages of 9-15 may not be left alone to participate with a dog, the accompanying adult must have hold of the leash at all times.
  • Dogs MUST be on leash no longer than 6ft at all times. No retractable leashes!
  • Bring treats, toys, poop bags, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, towels for you and your pup after washing off the mud
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Event date and location are subject to change.
  • We’ll have free bag check available, but please use at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any of your belongings.
  • Read the legals and code of conduct carefully.
  • Rad Dogs Mud Run reserves the right to immediately remove those participants who refuse to follow our rules and directions. No refunds.

Please arrive an hour before your wave so you’ll have time to find parking, check into the event collect your bib and swag bag, and relieve your dog. Also, take time to warm up and stretch – you and your dog!

As with any mud run, please don’t wear your Sunday best, you’ll need shoes and clothing that you won’t mind getting dirty. We recommend shoes with good grip such as trail running shoes, or mud run shoes (yes, apparently, those do exist). We also recommend you putting your phone into waterproof cases, and securely attached to you. In addition to muddy areas and obstacles, the course will feature much natural terrain, such as hills, pebbles, dirt paths, vegetation, things that you might see on a hike. Please consider this a SoCal hike. Be comfortable, be safe, have fun!

The answer is YES! Please make sure your dog is under your control at all times. Reactive, aggressive, and unfriendly dogs will be asked to leave, and to take their humans with them. We understand some dogs may become very excited, but it’s your responsibility, as the human, to keep them from being over stimulated. If necessary, take your pup aside for a few minutes to calm down. Bring treats and toys! Lots of treats and toys. 

A special note to parents of brachycephalic breeds (e.g. pugs, bull dogs, boxers, etc.), due to the structure of their snouts and trachea, these pups are prone to overheating during physical activity. Please keep a close eye and make sure to take lots of breaks, so they get a chance to catch their breath and cool down.

Remember the Rad Dogs Mud Run is an event for you and your dog together – Enjoy being together! 

Parking is $10 per car, cash only upon arrival. Please follow the directions of the parking lot attendants. If you choose to park elsewhere, your car may be ticketed and towed. We will not be held responsible for your parking mishaps. Being towed isn’t fun, and is an expensive affair. Trust us, we have first hand experience.

Alcohol, weapons or ammunition of any type, glass, retractable leashes, pronged collars, electric collars, choke collars, bullhorns, or air horns. Please use your common sense.

Once again, no refunds or transfers. Especially, if you’re asked to leave due to bad behavior and non-compliance with rules and regulations. Please don’t make us institute a “pain in the butt fee”.

You, the doggie parent, is on poop duty! Participants are responsible for cleaning up after their dog. Have poop bags, use poop bags – PICK UP YOUR DOG’S POOP(S)! Please do not allow them to poop in the mud. It’s gross, unsanitary, and you’ll have a lot of angry people behind you. Including us.
You should definitely practice walking or running with your dog at the pace you want to run the course. You and your dog should both be fit enough to at least walk a 5K with some up and down hills, on an unpaved, rugged surface. We suggest taking your dog on a hike before the event to practice.
NO! You may not. All participants and their dogs must pre-register. NO WALK-ONS ALLOWED. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you bring a dog who hasn’t been registered, you will be turned away. No dogs will be allowed to sit in cars during the event. If we do see a dog in a car, please note that we will call animal control/emergency services, then break into your car to rescue the poor baby. (Yes, this is legal: AB 797.)
Spectators are welcome, and can cheer you on at the start and finish of the course. However, note that they will not be allowed on the course, and must stay in our rest/vendor areas. Maybe they’ll have a snack and a cool beverage ready for you upon your return.
While we will provide ample water stations, you might want to bring some water of your own for your and your pup.

Online orders must be picked up at the merchandise table, not the check-in table. The merchandise table will be easily identified in the rest area. Please do not expect to get your items at registration. You’ll be met with confused looks if you do so. If you don’t pick up your items, you won’t be receiving them at all. No refunds or credits. Your responsibility.

Our Buddy Program will match you up to an adoptable furbaby for the duration of the run. All you have to do is tell us what size of doggie you’d be comfortable with. We’ll let you know where to meet up with your pal when you check-in.