The Buddy Program

The Buddy Program
The Buddy Program2020-01-11T21:38:34+00:00





If you don’t have a furry pal of your own to run with, please read on!

Our Buddy Program will match you up to an adoptable furbaby for the duration of the run. Due to the unique nature of this offering, we are limiting the number of participants. If you are interested, simply check the box next to “Yes, I’m interested in the Buddy Program!”, and we’ll be in contact with you.

Please note that on event day, we will need to keep you ID until the doggie is returned.

The cost of the Buddy Program is the full Adult + dog registration fee.

No discounts will apply to the participants of this program. A large portion of each participant’s registration dollars will be donated to the rescue, which means any discounts will greatly reduce this number.

Must be 18+ to join this program.